Brazilian, proud husband and father, photo geek. Living in Dublin, Ireland. Leading Squarespace in EMEA. 


Mechanical Engineer with an MBA in Marketing, I have been working on the Internet industry since 1999. I currently lead Squarespace for EMEA and previously worked for multinational companies such as Google, FCBi, BellSouth, Realmedia 24/7, Abril and Shell. Native Portuguese speaker, I also speak English and Spanish fluently. I have experience with: Customer Services, Operations, Sales,  Scaling and Automating, Team management, Project Management and more.

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I am an amateur photographer, a tech enthusiast and enjoy cycling on my way to work.

I love spending time with my family, and my 3 kids do a great job keeping me busy when I'm not at work.


Phone Photography is a fascinating area where Photography and Technology are combined and in constant change. I sometimes write about it and share some tips at Phoneography.Guru.


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